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Ouray (town)

Updated 2022-08-27
  • Beaumont Hotel Today

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    After declining over the first half of the twentieth century, the Beaumont closed in the 1960s, unable to compete with newer, cheaper motels. Dan King revived the Beaumont in the early 2000s, pouring millions of dollars into restoring the hotel's former grandeur. The 1887 Beaumont Hotel brought chateauesque elegance to the picturesque town of Ouray.
    Beaumont Hotel Today
  • Ouray

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    Founded in 1875, Ouray is a tiny, tidy town surrounded by towering peaks. Named for a nineteenth century Nuche leader, Ouray was settled by white miners after the Brunot Agreement forced the Utes from the area in 1873.
  • Ouray Hot Springs

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    These geothermal pools have been used for hundreds of years, including by the Nuche or Ute people. These springs are nestled into a valley surrounded by 13,000-foot, snow-capped peaks. Rain, snow, or shine, the Ouray Hot Springs are open year-round for public use.  
    Ouray Hot Springs
  • Jeeping in San Juans

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    San Juan mountains near Ouray, Silverton and Telluride is a popular summer activity. Drive on these roads can be very challenge. If you don't feel comfortable driving on these roads, you can join off-road tours offered by local companies. More routes information can be found at OutThereColorado: 6 Epic Off-Roading Routes in the San Juan Mountains.
    Jeeping in San Juans
  • Landslide on Red Mountain Pass

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    A landslide on US Highway 550 on Red Mountain Pass. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) used heavy equipment to clear three feet of mud, debris, dead trees, limbs, and boulders following the slide.
    Landslide on Red Mountain Pass
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