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Alferd Packer

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Alferd Packer

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Alferd E. Packer (1842–1909), also “Alfred,” was a prospector who became famous after confessing to eating his dead comrades while trapped in the San Juan Mountains in February 1874. With the group starving and disoriented, it appears likely that Packer killed another prospector in self-defense and...

Beaumont Hotel

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When it opened in 1887, the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray was one of the finest hotels in the Rocky Mountains. After several successful decades, its fortunes declined along with Ouray’s mining economy, and it eventually closed in the 1960s. In 2005 the hotel was reopened after an extensive rehabilitation...


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One of the best-known Nuche (Ute) leaders of the nineteenth century, Colorow (c. 1813–88) was involved in many significant events in Colorado history, from his first contact with white Americans during the Colorado Gold Rush to the Meeker Incident and his namesake “ Colorow’s War ” of 1887. Colorow...

Conejos Treaty

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Signed in October 1863 at Conejos in the San Luis Valley , the Conejos Treaty was an agreement between the US government and the Tabeguache band of Nuche (Ute people). It granted the United States the rights to all land in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains east of the Continental Divide , as well as...

Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run

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The Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run is a famously difficult and beautiful 100-mile trail race held annually in the San Juan Mountains . First organized in 1992, soon after the Sunnyside Mine shut down, the event honors the region’s mining history and its fragile high-alpine environment by taking...

Indigenous Treaties in Colorado

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Treaties with Indigenous people played a major role in the conquest and formation of Colorado . Backed by the constant threat of military force, the series of treaties and agreements signed between the federal government and various Indigenous groups between 1849 and 1880 separated Indigenous...


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About 225 miles west of Denver , at an elevation of 6,400 feet and adjacent to the White River , lies the small mountain community of Meeker. It is known for its ranching and access to hunting and fishing areas, as well as other outdoor recreation hotspots, including the nearby Flat Tops. With a...

Otto Mears

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Otto Mears (1840–1931) was a Colorado businessman who played a key role in the removal of the Nuche ( Ute ) people and is best known for building more than 450 miles of toll roads and railroads on the Utes’ former lands in the southern and southwestern parts of the state. Called the “Pathfinder of...


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Ouray (1833–80), whose name means “Arrow” in the Ute language, was a leader of the Tabeguache (Uncompahgre) band of Ute Indians in Colorado during the late nineteenth century. Even though Ouray had no ultimate authority over Colorado’s Utes and spoke little English, the US government assigned him...

Ouray (town)

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The town of Ouray was founded in 1875 along the Uncompahgre River near where it runs north out of the San Juan Mountains . Two years after the Nuche ( Ute ) people were dispossessed by the Brunot Agreement in 1873, prospectors found silver and later gold in the area and platted Ouray in a natural...

Ouray County

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Ouray County, named after nineteenth-century Ute leader Ouray , is a small county of 524 square miles in southwestern Colorado. It is bisected by the Uncompahgre River , which flows from Lake Como northeast of Silverton , through the county seat of Ouray , through Ridgway and Colona, and out of the...

San Juan Mountains

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The San Juan Mountains are the largest mountain range by area in the Centennial State, spanning thirteen counties in southwestern Colorado. In addition to being the home of the Ute Indians for hundreds of years, the mountains intrigued Spaniards , lured the prospectors of the Colorado Gold Rush ,...

Ute Treaty of 1868

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The Ute Treaty of 1868, also known as the “Kit Carson Treaty,” was negotiated between agents of the US government, including Kit Carson , and leaders of seven bands of Nuche ( Ute people) living in Colorado and Utah. The treaty created for the Utes a massive reservation on Colorado’s Western Slope...
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