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Beaumont Hotel

Updated 2017-09-16
  • Beaumont Hotel Today

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    After declining over the first half of the twentieth century, the Beaumont closed in the 1960s, unable to compete with newer, cheaper motels. Dan King revived the Beaumont in the early 2000s, pouring millions of dollars into restoring the hotel's former grandeur. The 1887 Beaumont Hotel brought chateauesque elegance to the picturesque town of Ouray.
    Beaumont Hotel Today
  • Beaumont Hotel Lobby

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    The hotel was built in 1886, abanded 1967-1998, under restoration from 1998-2003, and reopened in 2003. It won 2004 Inaugural Colorado Governor's Award and 2003 National Trust Preservation Award. 
    Beaumont Hotel Lobby
  • Piano in Lobby

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    Most of the lobby furniture is original and there is at least one piece of original furniture in each guest room.
    Piano in Lobby
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