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Brunot Agreement

Animas Forks

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Established in 1875 and occupied until the 1920s, Animas Forks is a ghost town northeast of Silverton in the San Juan Mountains . It sits at an elevation of about 11,200 feet. It survived primarily on the strength of speculative investment rather than productive mining , though several nearby...

Beaver Creek Massacre

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The Beaver Creek Massacre occurred on June 19, 1885, when white cattlemen killed six Ute Mountain Utes at a camp on Beaver Creek, about sixteen miles north of Dolores in present Montezuma County . Stemming from conflicts over the federal government’s Native American policies and the Utes’ off-...

Edward M. McCook

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Edward Moody McCook (1835–1909) was a prominent lawyer, soldier, and politician who served as the fifth and seventh governor of Colorado Territory (1869–73 and 1874–75). A successful Union cavalry general during the Civil War , McCook became friends with Ulysses S. Grant, a friendship that resulted...

Ouray (town)

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The town of Ouray was founded in 1875 along the Uncompahgre River near where it runs north out of the San Juan Mountains . Two years after the Nuche ( Ute ) people were dispossessed by the Brunot Agreement in 1873, prospectors found silver and later gold in the area and platted Ouray in a natural...

Precious Metal Mining in Colorado

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From the 1850s to the 1920s, gold and silver mining drove Colorado’s economy, making it into an urbanized, industrial state. The rapid development of Colorado’s mineral resources had political, social, and environmental consequences. The mining of gold and silver in Colorado began in earnest during...


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The town of Saguache in the northern San Luis Valley began as an agricultural community after Ute Indians were removed from the area in the 1860s. Saguache boomed in the 1870s and 1880s, when it became an important starting-off point for miners headed to the San Juan Mountains , and again in the...

Samuel Elbert

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Samuel Hitt Elbert (1833–99) was the sixth governor of the Colorado Territory (1873–74) and was elected as one of the first justices on the Colorado Supreme Court after statehood in 1876. The son-in-law of territorial governor and businessman John Evans , Elbert held multiple positions in Colorado...


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Silverton is a historic mining town established in 1874 in Baker’s Park in the heart of the San Juan Mountains . After the Denver & Rio Grande Railway (now the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad ) reached the town in 1882, the surrounding region experienced a mining boom that lasted...
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