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Beaumont Hotel

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Beaumont Hotel Today

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When it opened in 1887, the Beaumont Hotel in Ouray was one of the finest hotels in the Rocky Mountains. After several successful decades, its fortunes declined along with Ouray’s mining economy, and it eventually closed in the 1960s. In 2005 the hotel was reopened after an extensive rehabilitation...

Brown Palace Hotel

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Financed by and named after the early Denver developer Henry C. Brown , the Brown Palace Hotel opened on Broadway in 1892 in an elegant triangular building that was the tallest in the city at the time. For much of the twentieth century the hotel was owned by the Boettcher family , which expanded it...

Fairplay Hotel

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The Fairplay Hotel was designed in the Rustic style by architect William Bowman and completed in 1922. Located on the site of an earlier hotel at the prominent corner of Fifth and Main Streets, the Fairplay became the largest and oldest hotel in town, hosting club meetings and dinner dances as well...

Hotel de Paris

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Hotel de Paris was an idealized imitation of a Norman inn and is older than the State of Colorado itself. A former cook, journalist, and miner, Frenchman Louis Dupuy (born Adolph François Gerard) established the hotel and restaurant on October 9, 1875, in the Powers Building, formerly occupied by...

Rossonian Hotel

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The most prominent building at the Five Points intersection in Denver , the Rossonian Hotel opened in 1912 as the Baxter Hotel. Renamed the Rossonian in 1929, its lounge acquired a reputation as the best jazz club between the Midwest and the West Coast, with performances by jazz greats such as Duke...

Stanley Hotel

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Designed and funded by Freelan Oscar Stanley , the Stanley Hotel opened in 1909 in Estes Park. The first-class resort helped make Estes Park into a tourist destination, especially after the establishment of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915. In the late twentieth century, the hotel gained...

The Broadmoor

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Perennially ranked one of the top resorts in the United States, the Broadmoor opened just southwest of Colorado Springs in 1918. Built on the site of a failed casino complex and upscale suburban development at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain , the Broadmoor has grown over the decades into a sprawling...

Tremont House Hotel

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The Tremont House Hotel was established in the fall of 1859 near Cherry Creek in Auraria (later West Denver) and soon became one of Denver ’s top hotels. In the 1880s, the hotel declined as flood-prone West Denver became home to immigrants and industry while wealthy residents moved to new...

Western Hotel

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The Western Hotel at 716 Cooper Avenue in Glenwood Springs started in 1887 as a one-story brick restaurant building. In the early twentieth century, the building was expanded under the ownership of the Bosco family, which began renting rooms there by the early 1920s. Later owned and operated for...

Winks Lodge

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Located near Pinecliffe, about ten miles due west of Eldorado Springs and an hour from Denver by car, Winks Lodge was the main hotel and social hub at Lincoln Hills , a historic black resort community in Gilpin County . Opened in 1928 by Denver businessman Obrey Wendell Hamlet, who went by the...
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