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Yucca House National Monument

  • Jackson's View of the Upper House at "Aztec Spring"

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    William H. Jackson's famous photo taken in 1874 is one of the earliest known images of the Yucca House site, showing more extensive standing walls than now exist. The view is to the southeast with Mesa Verde in the background and Capt. John T. Moss standing in front of a wall near the center.
    Jackson's View of the Upper House at "Aztec Spring"
  • Yucca House National Monument
  • Cyber-Montage of Yucca House Pueblo

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    This "virtual reality" reconstruction of Yucca House by Dennis R. Holloway, Architect, looks east with the Mesa Verde escarpment in the background. It is based on mapping by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center and photography by Adriel Heisey.
    Cyber-Montage of Yucca House Pueblo
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