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Breckenridge Historic District

Updated 2022-09-30
  • Breckenridge Main Street, 1860s

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    In its first decade as a mining camp, Breckenridge developed a rocky Main Street lined by log buildings.
    Breckenridge Main Street, 1860s
  • Klack Placer Cabin

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    Recently restored, the 1878 Klack Placer Cabin is one of the last remaining one-story log cabins in Breckenridge.
    Klack Placer Cabin
  • Breckenridge Main Street, 1880s

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    During the silver boom of the 1880s, Breckenridge developed into a bustling town full of mines, saloons, and shops.
    Breckenridge Main Street, 1880s
  • Barney Ford House

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    The black Colorado pioneer Barney L. Ford moved to Breckenridge in the early 1880s and established a popular restaurant called Ford's. In 1882 he built an elegant house for his family on East Washington Avenue.
    Barney Ford House
  • Dredging the Blue River

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    After the silver crash of 1893, Breckenridge survived thanks to the dredging operations that unearthed nearly 150,000 ounces of gold from 1910 to 1923.
    Dredging the Blue River
  • Last Dredge in Breckenridge

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    The last dredge operating in Breckenridge proceeded straight through town before it shut down in 1942, destroying vegetation and buildings as it went.
    Last Dredge in Breckenridge
  • Quiet Years between Mining and Skiing
  • Breckenridge Main Street, 1960s

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    The opening of the Breckenridge Ski Area in 1961 brought new development as well as new resources for preserving historic buildings.
    Breckenridge Main Street, 1960s
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