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Barney Ford's People's Restaurant

Updated 2019-11-18
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  • Barney Ford Building Before Renovation

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    Pictured here before recent renovations, the Barney Ford Building (originally home to Ford’s People’s Restaurant) is one of the few buildings associated with Ford still standing in Denver. The interior bricks and the columns across the façade are thought to be original.
    Barney Ford Building Before Renovation
  • Barney Ford

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    Born into slavery in 1822, Ford made his way to freedom and eventually became one of the most successful businessmen in Colorado. The People’s Restaurant, which opened on Blake Street in 1863, helped launch his career.
    Barney Ford
  • Barney Ford Building Today

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    The Barney Ford Building has been renovated at least twice since the early 1980s, resulting in a new interior and the enclosure of the formerly open portico with large windows. The building is now home to a restaurant and offices.
    Barney Ford Building Today