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Hanging Flume

Updated 2020-05-11
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  • Hanging Flume, 1890

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    The Montrose Placer Mining Company completed the hanging flume in Dolores Canyon in 1891. The flume operated for only a few years, but portions of it still hang from the canyon's sandstone walls.
    Hanging Flume, 1890
  • Hanging Flume Remnants

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    The dry climate has helped portions of the flume survive for more than 125 years. Most portions that remain are not completely intact. The brackets and floors are still there, but the sidewalls have fallen away.
    Hanging Flume Remnants
  • Hanging Flume above the Dolores River

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    Fort Collins wood scientist Ron Anthony has led a revival of interest in the hanging flume. In 2006 the nonprofit World Monuments Fund placed the flume on its "100 Most Endangered Sites" list.
    Hanging Flume above the Dolores River