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Rocky Mountains

Updated 2022-11-02
  • View of Rocky Mountains from Mt. Evans

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    Colorado's central Rocky Mountains, as seen from the top of Mt. Evans (14,265 feet).
    View of Rocky Mountains from Mt. Evans
  • Map of Colorado
  • Buffalo Pass

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    This approximately 15-mile stretch of scenic dirt road crosses the diverse habitats within the Park Range of the Rocky Mountains. It rises from sagebrush and gamble oak habitat to lodgepole pine, quaking aspen, and spruce-fir dominated forests. The elevation ranges from 6,700 feet in Steamboat Springs to 10,400 feet at Summit Lake Camp Ground. This road offers spectacular views of the Yampa and North Park valleys below, multiple alpine lakes within walking distance, access to the Mount Zirkel Wilderness, multiple disperse camping sites and Summit Lake Campground with restroom facilities. Additionally, there are numerous hiking, horseback and motorized vehicle trails to suite a range of outdoor activity needs. Source: USDA Forest Service - Rocky Mountain Region Viewing Area Buffalo Pass
    Buffalo Pass
  • I-70 near Genesee Park

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    The construction of Interstate 70 across Colorado's Rocky Mountains was one of the greatest engineering feats in US history and was essential to the growth of tourism in the high country.
    I-70 near Genesee Park
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