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Meeker Incident

Updated 2020-12-31
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  • The Meeker Incident, 1879

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    A reproduction of a sketch of soldiers surveying the damages after the fire and battle with the Ute people that broke out on September 29, 1879 at the White River Indian Agency. Nathan Meeker and his eight male employees were killed during the fighting, and his wife and daughter were taken hostage.
    The Meeker Incident, 1879
  • Meeker Incident Site

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    In September 1879, Utes at the White River Indian Agency revolted, killing agent Nathan Meeker and the agency staff. The violence had been provoked by Meeker's poor treatment of the Utes. Today, informative signage is posted at the site of the incident, along the White River near the town of Meeker.
    Meeker Incident Site