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Louise Bethel Sneed Hill

Updated 2023-02-08
  • Mrs. Hill at Mid-life

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    Mrs. Crawford Hill poses next to the staircase and carved banister at her home in Denver, Colorado. She wears a long white dress with a bow at the waist and fur trim.
    Mrs. Hill at Mid-life
  • The Sacred 36 at the Denver Country Club

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    Group portrait of guests and African American waiters at a dinner party at the Denver Country Club in Denver, Colorado; decor includes nouveau borders, light fixtures, and a taxidermied fish. Legible identification reads: "Right hand wing, 1. Frank Whipple, 2. Mrs. Theo Holland (2nd from right near side), 3. Frank Woodrow, 4. Mr. Daniel Tears (?), 5. T. B. Stokes, 6. Mr. P. Randolph Muni (?), 7. Bert Hall (R.R.), 8. Mr. Sheaf Rose (?) (Mrs. W. W. Galbraith), 9. Clark M. Willcox, 10. ?, 11. W. V. Hodges, 12. ?, 13. ?, 14. Mrs. Farber Richard (?), 16. Zeph F. Hill, 17. Daniel Tears (?), 18. Lola Turner, 19. Gary Leonard (Watts), 20. ?, 24. Mrs. Humphrey Walker (?), 25. Dr. Charles Powers, 27. Miss Hannah (?) Johnson, 28. ?, 29. Mrs. george Young McCread (?) of St. Louis, 30. Frank McCauley, 31. Crawford Hill, 32. Mrs. Edward Lowes (?), 33. Sheaf Bore ?, 34. Mrs. R. B. Stearns, 35. Charles Hangmont (?), 36. Mrs. Richard Sykes, 37. George Young, 38. Mrs. C. M. A. Wilcox, 39. George Ruger (?), 40. Fisher Packard, 46. Mrs. G. B. Berger, 42. Bryant Turner, 44. Mrs. Crawford Hill (at end of table on right hand wing)." Other names include: "Frank Whipple, Mrs. Theo Holland (2nd from right near side), Buckley Wells (across table), Mrs. George Beyer - next, Forbes Richard - next, Mrs. Chas MacHelester Willcox, T. B. Stevens opposite Mrs Wilcox, looking directly at camera, Mrs. T. B. Stearns in background next to waiter with champagne bottle."
    The Sacred 36 at the Denver Country Club
  • Crawford Hill residence

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    View of the Crawford Hill house at East 10th (Tenth) and Sherman Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado; features gables, a covered porch, a balcony, balustrades, gatepost lamps, and gables.
    Crawford Hill residence
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