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Nathaniel Hill

Alice Hale Hill

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Alice Hale Hill (1840–1908) was a Denver philanthropist who helped lead institutions such as the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and the Denver Free Kindergarten Association. Wife of Nathaniel P. Hill , a smelting entrepreneur and US senator, she created the first free kindergarten...

Central City–Black Hawk Historic District

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Black Hawk Today

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Central City and Black Hawk took shape during the boom years after John Gregory discovered gold on May 6, 1859, near the North Fork of Clear Creek in what is now Gilpin County . For much of the 1860s and 1870s, the area was the richest mining region in Colorado, and Central City rivaled Denver as...

Crawford Hill

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Crawford Hill (1862–1922) was a successful Denver businessman and philanthropist. The firstborn child and only son of Alice and Nathaniel P. Hill , Crawford inherited their fortune and carried his father’s prosperous businesses into the next generation. A quiet, conservative man, dedicated...

Gertrude Hill Berger Cuthbert

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Gertrude Hill Berger Cuthbert (1869–1944) was a Denver socialite and philanthropist. Born into a prominent family, she inherited drive and ambition from her successful parents and established a legacy for herself in politics, suffrage , and local charitable organizations. She was regarded as one of...

Louise Bethel Sneed Hill

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Louise Bethel Sneed Hill (1862–1955) was a socialite, philanthropist, and creator of Denver ’s Sacred Thirty-Six, the first internationally recognized elite society in the city. Hill helped Denver attain international attention as a refined city and desirable destination. Her life reflected the...

Nathaniel P. Hill

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Nathaniel Peter Hill (1832–1900) was a mining entrepreneur and US senator from Colorado. In the 1860s, Hill, an accomplished chemist and metallurgist, bought mining interests in Black Hawk and developed the first successful smelter in Colorado, revolutionizing the mining industry in the fledgling...
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