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Horace Tabor

Updated 2022-11-02
  • Horace Tabor and his Buildings

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    Silver deposits around Leadville made Horace Tabor (1830-99) into one of the wealthiest mining moguls in Colorado history. Clockwise from top left, this nineteenth-century sheet  features images of Tabor's house, a portrait of Tabor, the Tabor Block office building, and the Tabor Theater.
    Horace Tabor and his Buildings
  • Baby Doe Tabor

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    Horace Tabor had an extended affair with Elizabeth Bonduel McCourt, who came to be known as "Baby Doe" Tabor following their marriage in 1883.
    Baby Doe Tabor
  • The Matchless Mine

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    The Matchless Mine in Leadville, Colorado was one of many successful silver mines that helped propel Horace Tabor to fortune during the great silver boom. Silver prices plummeted and the Tabor's were financially ruined, but in 1899, as his dying wish, Horace reportedly told Baby Doe to "hold on to the Matchless."
    The Matchless Mine
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