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Cripple Creek

Updated 2022-10-25
  • Cripple Creek

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    Today Cripple Creek's historic commercial buildings have been restored with money from casino gambling, which started in 1991.
    Cripple Creek
  • Fremont

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    After prospectors started moving to the Mount Pisgah area in 1891, two separate towns—Fremont and Hayden Placer—soon took shape. After about a year the towns merged to form Cripple Creek.
  • Bennett Avenue

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    Soon Cripple Creek and the surrounding gold mines were booming, thanks in part to the decline of silver mining across the state in 1893.
    Bennett Avenue
  • Fire

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    Two fires raged through Cripple Creek in late April 1896.
  • After the Fires

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    The 1896 fires flattened much of Cripple Creek, especially in the downtown business district, and left half of its residents homeless.
    After the Fires
  • Late 1890s Prosperity

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    After the fires, Cripple Creek quickly rebuilt in brick and stone. It reached the peak of its prosperity around the turn of the century, when Teller County separated from El Paso County and Cripple Creek became the county seat.
    Late 1890s Prosperity
  • Strike

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    The Western Federation of Miners went on strike in 1903, sparking a bitter fifteen-month struggle with mine owners and the Colorado National Guard. Many died and hundreds of union members were deported in one of the most violent labor disturbances in state history.
  • Cripple Creek, 1980s

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    Mining declined in the Cripple Creek district throughout the first two-thirds of the twentieth century, leaving only 2,000 people left in the area. At the end of the 1980s, residents turned to gambling as a way to develop the local economy and generate revenue for preservation.
    Cripple Creek, 1980s
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