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Archuleta County

  • Archuleta County

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    Archuleta County, created in 1885, lies amidst the rugged San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
    Archuleta County
  • Archuleta County on Google Map

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    Archuleta County covers 1,356 square miles of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. The county seat and the only incorporated municipality in the county is Pagosa Springs. Population: 12,194 (2013) Area: 3,512 km² Founded: 1885
    Archuleta County on Google Map
  • Chimney Rock

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    The namesake twin spires above the Chimney Rock Great House are distinctive landmarks.
    Chimney Rock
  • Chimney Rock Pueblo

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    Aerial view showing the layout of the Chimney Rock Great House at Chimney Rock National Monument.
    Chimney Rock Pueblo
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