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Barlow and Sanderson Stagecoach

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The Barlow and Sanderson stagecoach in Monte Vista is a mud wagon like those that operated in the 1870s and 1880s along Barlow and Sanderson lines in the San Luis Valley . The only regional example of its type, the stagecoach was acquired by the Monte Vista Commercial Club and donated in 1959 to...

Lost Trail Ranch

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Lost Trail Ranch was established in 1877 as a way station and resupply spot along Stony Pass Road from the San Luis Valley to the mining camps of the San Juan Mountains . Located at an elevation of 9,800 feet along the Rio Grande , the way station served travelers until the early 1880s, when...

State Bridge

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State Bridge spans the Colorado River along Highway 131 in Eagle County and was originally constructed in 1890. Built with state funding, the bridge helped promote growth by providing the only east–west transportation link across the state that was open year-round. The original truss bridge was...
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