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State Bridge

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  • Old State Bridge

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    The original State Bridge over the Colorado River in Eagle County was built in 1890. It provided ranchers north of the river with easier access to the railroad at Wolcott, and it helped link together the first east-west route across the state that could be used in all seasons.
    Old State Bridge
  • Bridge Collapse

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    The old State Bridge collapsed during periods of heavy run-off in the late 1920s and in June 1946 (pictured here). In both cases the bridge was quickly repaired, but as traffic increased after World War II, the state made the replacement of the bridge a priority.
    Bridge Collapse
  • Old State Bridge Today

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    The original State Bridge remained standing until the 1980s, when the span partially collapsed during a period of high run-off. Today a concrete support in the river stands as the main evidence marking the bridge's location.
    Old State Bridge Today