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  • Colorado Snow Map

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    Map of Colorado snow zones and maximum (peak) snow accumulation as snow water equivalent (SWE), showing major river basin boundaries. The snow measurements are thirty-year averages at snow telemetry (SNOTEL) stations.
    Colorado Snow Map
  • Mountain Campus

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    Variable spring snow cover at Colorado State University's Mountain Campus (9,000 feet), near the low elevation boundary of the seasonal snow zone.
    Mountain Campus
  • Snow water equivalent and streamflow

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    a) Snow water equivalent (SWE) patterns at the Joe Wright snow telemetry station in northern Colorado illustrating a high (2011), low (2012), and average (2013) snow year. The amount of SWE affects b) streamflow generation, as shown at the Michigan River near Cameron Pass, adjacent to the Joe Wright station.
    Snow water equivalent and streamflow