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Updated 2022-11-20
  • Stanley/Paddington School, Montclair

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    Built in 1891, the Stanley School at East Thirteenth Avenue and Quebec Street in Denver's Montclair neighborhood featured Colorado’s first public school kindergarten. Named for the Welsh American explorer Henry M. Stanley, the school is now a designated Denver landmark and operates as the private Paddington Station Preschool.
    Stanley/Paddington School, Montclair
  • Montclair Park

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    Platted in 1885, Denver's Montclair neighborhood was developed by Baron Walter von Richthofen into a thriving, affluent residential community.
    Montclair Park
  • Montclair, Colorado

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    This 1887 aerial drawing of Richthofen's Montclair development includes some real features, such as his castle, and some proposed amenities that never took shape, including a zoological garden.
    Montclair, Colorado
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