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State Capitol

Civic Center

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Named a National Historic Landmark in 2012, Civic Center is a complex of parks, civic buildings, and cultural institutions stretching between the State Capitol and the City and County Building in the heart of Denver . Plans for the complex, which was developed in stages from the 1890s to the 1930s...

John L. Routt

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John L. Routt

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John Long Routt (1826–1907) was Colorado’s last territorial governor and first state governor. A popular politician, he was elected to two separate, two-year terms as governor and is remembered for his leadership in bringing Colorado to statehood . He supported the cause of women’s suffrage in...


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Situated on the east side of Denver and rising some 330 feet above the State Capitol ’s gold dome, the town of Montclair was platted in 1885. The common French place-name means “clear mountain,” and Montclair was so named for its panoramic view of the Front Range between Pikes and Longs Peaks . At...
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