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Lowry Ruin

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  • Lowry Pueblo

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    The Lowry pueblo is an Ancestral Puebloan ruin with thirty-seven rooms, eight kivas, and one Great Kiva. It dates to around 1100 CE and could have had several dozen residents at its height.
    Lowry Pueblo
  • Rooms in Lowry Pueblo

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    The initial core of the pueblo consisted of four rooms and possibly two kivas, to which more rooms and kivas were added over several decades. The pueblo might have had multiple stories, though probably no more than three.
    Rooms in Lowry Pueblo
  • Great Kiva

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    The Great Kiva stands apart from the main pueblo at Lowry. Since 2000 the entire site has been part of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.
    Great Kiva