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Updated 2017-12-28
  • Louviers Village, Aerial View

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    Established as a Du Pont company town in the early 1900s, Louviers Village was planned as a model community to attract long-term employees for the company's nearby dynamite plant. Du Pont sold the town in the early 1960s.
    Louviers Village, Aerial View
  • Louviers, 1917

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    Louviers Village had three sections: the Triangle (small cottages), the Quadrangle (larger houses), and Capital Hill (management housing). Originally none of the roads had formal names; houses were known simply by company-assigned numbers.
    Louviers, 1917
  • Louviers Flats Family

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    Ralph Richardson's family lived in the Flats (or Triangle) section of Louviers Village. Workers usually stayed at Louviers for their whole career, and families often had more than one member working at the plant.
    Louviers Flats Family
  • Capital Hill Manager's House

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    Completed in 1912, Capital Hill consisted of four large houses on a hill overlooking the rest of Louviers. These houses were reserved for upper management and the company doctor.
    Capital Hill Manager's House
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