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El Corazon de Trinidad National Historic District

Updated 2021-09-04
  • Main Street, Trinidad, 1870s

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    In the 1860s Hispano settlers established Trinidad along the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fé Trail. By the 1870s the area's good land and economic opportunities had attracted many Anglo-American settlers as well.
    Main Street, Trinidad, 1870s
  • Trinidad, 1907

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    After the 1870s, the success of cattle and coal led Trinidad to a five-decade period of economic prosperity during which many impressive civic, commercial, and residential buildings were constructed.
    Trinidad, 1907
  • Bloom Mansion

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    One of the most elaborate residences constructed in Trinidad, the cattle baron Frank Bloom's 1882 mansion is a Second Empire showpiece. Today it is part of History Colorado's Trinidad History Museum.
    Bloom Mansion
  • Jaffa Opera House

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    In 1882 the Jaffa brothers, prominent Jewish merchants in Trinidad, built a 700-seat opera house at the town's main intersection. The opera house is now part of the Corazon de Trinidad National Historic District, which includes many historic buildings downtown.
    Jaffa Opera House
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