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Updated 2022-11-27
  • Early Brush

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    Photograph of town of Brush, Colorado taken June 5, 1898. A fair crowd of people roam the wide dirt street on foot, and clustered near buildings, some with horse and wagons. Building at right in front sold dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes according to its sign. Farther back in distance are homes, and government building or school.  
    Early Brush
  • 1935 Flood

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    Photograph showing the 100 block of Clayton St. in Brush, Colorado with flood waters up to the undercarriage of automobiles on the street. Businesses shown along the street with people standing on sidewalks and leaning over hood of car: The Beery Hardware Company, Pete's Cafe, Red & White, New Desky Hotel. 
    1935 Flood
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