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Hanging Lake

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Hanging Lake is a very popular 1.2 mile hike in Glenwood Canyon, right next to I-70. Although the trail isn't long, it is steep and rocky. It is recommended for moderately fit hikers. For others, there is a paved and wheel chair accessible trail along the Colorado River. This paved trail starts at the parking lot and offers amazing rocky formation view of Glenwood Canyon.

Make sure you have good hiking or walking shoes and plenty of water.  In the summer, you also need prepare for afternoon thunderstorms. On weekends and holidays, make sure you arrive early because parking space is limited.

  • Trailhead Elevation: 6135 Feet
  • Highest Elevation: 7200 Feet
  • Total Elevation Gain: 1065 Feet

For more information please visit Hanging Lake webpage.

Glenwood Canyon, CO
Garfield County
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July 05, 2015