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Pueblo County

Colorado State Fairgrounds

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Opened in 1901, the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo have long played an important role in the state’s agriculture, education, and entertainment. Farmers and ranchers attend the fair to display their products, see new technologies and techniques, and buy livestock, while others come to learn...

Damon Runyon

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Damon Runyon (1880–1946) was a newspaperman, political reporter, author, screenwriter, and playwright in the early 1900s. Best known for his work after leaving Colorado, particularly Guys and Dolls , Runyon was a prolific writer during his time in Colorado, working for many of the state’s...

El Pueblo

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Established in 1842, El Pueblo (301 N Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003) was an independent adobe trading post that operated at the site of the present-day city of Pueblo and was used by a diverse, multi-ethnic group of trappers, traders, women, and mountain men. Largely abandoned after an 1854 attack by...

Lincoln Home

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The Lincoln Home in Pueblo was started by the city’s Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs and became the only known Black orphanage in Colorado. Established in 1906, the home moved in 1914 to two connected brick houses on North Grand Avenue, where it remained until the city’s segregated orphanage...

Minnequa Steelworks Office

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Built by the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company (CF&I) in 1901–2, the Minnequa Steelworks office building and medical dispensary in Pueblo are among the best examples of Mission-style architecture in Colorado. The dispensary helped provide healthcare to CF&I’s thousands of workers, and the...

Pueblo Chemical Depot

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Pueblo Chemical Depot was established in 1942 as the Pueblo Ordnance Depot. The facility’s mission has changed over the years, from starting with receiving, storing, and issuing general supplies of ammunition during World War II, to later handling the disposal of munitions. Today, the depot’s...

Pueblo County

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Pueblo County covers 2,398 square miles in southeast Colorado, from the southern Front Range and Wet Mountains in the west to the Arkansas River valley and Great Plains in the east. It is bordered by El Paso County to the north, Crowley and Otero Counties to the east, Las Animas and Huerfano...

Snake Blakeslee Archaeological Site

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Located in Apishapa Canyon in southeastern Colorado, the Snake Blakeslee Archaeological Site consists of two residential room clusters and several outlying structures that apparently made up a single Apishapa phase (1050–1450 CE) community. First described in the 1930s by Etienne B. Renaud, the...

Squirrel Creek Recreation District

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Developed primarily between 1919 and 1924, the Squirrel Creek Recreation District in the San Isabel National Forest near Pueblo was one of the earliest recreational developments in a national forest and served as a model for many others to come. The recreation district is also notable for its...
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