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El Pueblo

  • El Pueblo Replica

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    In the early 2000s, History Colorado constructed a replica of El Pueblo near the site of the original trading post. Located near the confluence of Fountain Creek and the Arkansas River, it consisted of a rough square of rooms arranged around a central courtyard.
    El Pueblo Replica
  • City of Pueblo

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    El Pueblo was largely abandoned after 1854. By 1860, the city of Pueblo was taking shape at the same site. Pueblo's development buried all evidence of El Pueblo in the 1880s.
    City of Pueblo
  • El Pueblo Excavation

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    In the late 1980s, William G. Buckles and students at the University of Southern Colorado (now CSU–Pueblo) successfully identified the site of the original El Pueblo and began to excavate the structure's ruins. The dig is now protected by the William G. Buckles Archaeological Pavilion.
    El Pueblo Excavation
  • El Pueblo Museum Complex

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    The William G. Buckles Archaeological Pavilion (pictured) is part of the larger El Pueblo Museum complex built in the early 2000s, which includes the museum, the pavilion, and a replica of the original trading post.
    El Pueblo Museum Complex
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