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Kiowa County

American Legion Hall (Eads)

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American Legion Hall

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The American Legion Hall at the Kiowa County Fairgrounds near Eads was a New Deal project built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1937–38. The hall is one of the best-preserved WPA buildings in Eads and remains an important site for community gatherings and entertainment. The Dust Bowl...

Kiowa County

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Kiowa County, named for the Kiowa people who once lived in the area, covers 1,786 square miles of the Great Plains in eastern Colorado. The county is bordered by Cheyenne County to the north, the state of Kansas to the east, Prowers and Bent Counties to the south, and Crowley and Lincoln Counties...

Niwot (Left Hand)

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Niwot (c. 1820s–64), known to English speakers as "Left Hand," was a prominent Arapaho leader in the mid-1800s. The tumultuous period in Colorado history followed the 1858 discovery of gold near present-day Denver , on the traditional lands of the Arapaho and Cheyenne . Diplomat, negotiator,...

Olsen-Chubbuck Bison Kill Site

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Dating to roughly 8200 BCE, the Olsen-Chubbuck Bison Kill Site in Cheyenne County preserves evidence of a Paleo-Indian kill of more than 190 bison . The site was named for the amateur archaeologists Jerry Chubbuck and Sigurd Olsen, who discovered and partially excavated the site in 1957–58 before...

Samuel Gerish Colley

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Holding political offices in Wisconsin and Colorado throughout his life, Samuel G. Colley (1807–90) is best known for serving as Indian Agent for the Upper Arkansas Indian Agency from 1860 to 1865. He was responsible for managing the Cheyenne and Arapaho prior to and during the Colorado War (1863–...
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