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State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home

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  • Old Barracks

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    The State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home near Monte Vista was established in 1889 and opened in 1891, when the original hospital and barracks was built.
    Old Barracks
  • Dairy Barn

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    After the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home faced a financial crisis in the 1890s, it started to make itself more self-sufficient, in part by establishing an agricultural operation to provide the home with food and income. The home's dairy cows were highly regarded.
    Dairy Barn
  • Infirmary

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    In 1928 the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home added a new infirmary to improve the home's medical care. At the time, the infirmary was one of the best medical facilities in the San Luis Valley.
  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Home

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    During the early twentieth century, the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home expanded significantly with new cottages, apartments, and administrative buildings. The grounds were planted with trees, making it a pleasant place for Monte Vista families to have a picnic.
    Soldiers' and Sailors' Home