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Endangered Places

Gold Hill

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Early Gold Hill

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Gold Hill was established in 1859 as the first permanent mining camp in the Colorado mountains. Located at an elevation of about 8,300 feet in Boulder County , the town experienced several booms and busts before settling into a small-scale tourist economy in the twentieth century. Today Gold Hill—...

Manitou Springs Spa Building

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The Manitou Springs Spa Building stands on top of Soda (or Manitou) Spring on the north bank of Fountain Creek in downtown Manitou Springs . The three-story Spanish Colonial Revival building was built in 1920 to help revive Manitou’s sagging health tourism industry by offering modern mineral water...

State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home

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Located east of Monte Vista in the San Luis Valley (3694 Sherman Ave, Monte Vista, Colorado), the State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home was established in 1889 as a home for aging and disabled Civil War veterans in Colorado. The facility grew over the years to include cottages, apartments, social...

Willowcroft Manor

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Willowcroft Manor was built in 1884 as the home of Littleton -area pioneer Joseph W. Bowles. Designed by early Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub , the two-story stone house was on Bowles’s property near the southwest corner of what is now West Bowles Avenue (which was named for Bowles) and...
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