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State Flower

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  • Columbine

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    The white and lavender columbine was officially declared the state flower on April 4, 1899. Digging or uprooting the flower on public lands is prohibited in Colorado.
  • Colorado Blue Columbine

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    Aquilegia caerulea is a species of Aquilegia flower native to the Rocky Mountains from Montana south to New Mexico and west to Idaho and Arizona. Its common name is Colorado Blue Columbine; sometimes it is called "Rocky Mountain Columbine",
    Colorado Blue Columbine
  • Columbine blooming on West Maroon Pass Trail
  • Colorado blue columbine

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    Colorado blue columbine (Aquilegia caerulea James, orth. var.) is a perennial flower belong to the Ranunculaceae family.
    Colorado blue columbine