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Wars, Battles, and Massacres

Battle of Summit Springs

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On July 11, 1869, the Fifth US Cavalry defeated a band of Cheyennes in a battle at Summit Springs, about fifteen miles southeast of present-day Sterling . It was perhaps the most conclusive battle fought on Colorado soil and possibly the most significant in the entire central plains area. As the...

Beaver Creek Massacre

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The Beaver Creek Massacre occurred on June 19, 1885, when white cattlemen killed six Ute Mountain Utes at a camp on Beaver Creek about sixteen miles north of Dolores. Stemming from conflicts over the federal government’s Native American policies and the Utes’ off-reservation activities, the...

Beecher Island Battleground

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The Battle of Beecher Island­—which pitted American scouts against Cheyenne, Sioux, and Arapaho warriors­—was one of the most significant struggles in the Indian Wars that took place in eastern Colorado during the late 1860s. The battleground, located on the banks of the Arikaree River about...

Columbine Massacre

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The massacre at Columbine High School in 1999 was, at the time, one of the worst school shootings perpetrated in the United States. Fifteen people, including the two shooters, were killed. In the months and years following the tragedy, discussions about public safety, access to firearms, and the...

Ludlow Massacre

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The Ludlow Massacre began on the morning of April 20, 1914, when a battle broke out between the Colorado National Guard and striking coal miners at their tent colony outside of Ludlow in Las Animas County . Nobody knows who fired the first shot, but the incident is remembered as a massacre because...

The Rocky Mountain Fleet

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During World War II, Denver ’s war production industry expanded to include the production of ship parts bound for assembly on the West Coast. Known colloquially as “the Rocky Mountain Fleet,” dozens of ships would eventually see production at the Colorado works. Today, the Rocky Mountain Fleet...
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