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Military Facilities

Denver Ordnance Plant

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The Denver Ordnance Plant in Lakewood produced ammunition during World War II . The plant was the largest federal project in Colorado history before its conversion into the Federal Center , which today houses dozens of government agencies. Beginnings The federal government announced plans for a...

Fitzsimons General Hospital

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Established east of Denver in 1918, Fitzsimons General Hospital was originally established as an army hospital specializing in treating soldiers infected with tuberculosis during World War I. After struggling with small budgets and the threat of closure, the facility expanded with the addition of a...

Fort Garland

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The US Army operated Fort Garland in the San Luis Valley for twenty-five years, from 1858 to 1883. The fort was built to protect early settlers from Native American raids in the years before treaties, reservations, and removal made that mission obsolete. After decades of neglect, the fort was...

Fort Lewis

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Fort Lewis was a US Army post in southwest Colorado that operated from 1878 to 1891. The post had two locations: the first, Camp Lewis, in Pagosa Springs and the second south of Hesperus. Camp Lewis was founded in 1878 and moved to Hesperus in 1880 because Pagosa Springs was too far from the Ute...

Fort Vasquez

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Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette operated the fur- trading post Fort Vasquez from 1835 to 1842. After ruthless competition and changing trade patterns caused the pair to leave the fort, it served as a landmark along the South Platte River Trail before gradually disappearing back into the plains...


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Built at the height of the Cold War, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) collects all data and information concerning air activity in North America. Currently located near the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport on Peterson Air Force Base, NORAD houses a command center to monitor...

Pike’s Stockade

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The Pike Stockade is a reconstruction of a small fortress built by the soldiers of the 1806–7 Zebulon Pike expedition. It is located on the Rio Conejos , a tributary of the Rio Grande , in the San Luis Valley , seventeen miles southeast of Alamosa . Administered by History Colorado , the stockade...

Pueblo Chemical Depot

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Pueblo Chemical Depot was established in 1942 as the Pueblo Ordnance Depot. The facility’s mission has changed over the years, from starting with receiving, storing, and issuing general supplies of ammunition during World War II, to later handling the disposal of munitions. Today, the depot’s...

Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility

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Rocky Flats is a gravelly, narrow floodplain cut by gullies as it slopes from the Rocky Mountain foothills into the plains just northwest of Denver . Unlike many places, its name is known more for what was manufactured there than for its geology. Today it is a national wildlife refuge, but for...

State Armory (Craig)

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Built in 1922, the State Armory in Craig was one of many new armories built to house national guard units across the state. The Craig building, based on a design by John James Huddart , served for many decades as a place for military training and community events. It now houses the Museum of...

United States Air Force Academy

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Established in April 1954, the United States Air Force Academy occupies 18,000 acres on the north end of Colorado Springs. It serves as an air force base and undergraduate college for officer candidates. The academy currently enrolls 4,000 cadets as undergraduates, employs 723 faculty members, and...

US Air Force Academy Cadet Area

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Built primarily between 1955 and 1959, the US Air Force Academy cadet area near Colorado Springs is the heart of the Air Force Academy campus and home of the school’s 4,000 undergraduates. Occupying a prominent hilltop location, the cadet area hosts most regular college functions, including dorms,...
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