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women's history

Akron Public Library

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Located in the county seat of Washington County , the Akron Public Library occupies a one-story brick building constructed in 1931 at the corner of Main Avenue and East Third Street (302 Main Ave, Arkon, CO 80720). The building grew out of more than fifteen years of efforts by local women’s groups...

Farmers State Bank of Cope

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Farmers State Bank of Cope ( Washington County ) opened in 1918 at the southwest corner of Main Street and Washington Avenue. The first and only bank that ever operated in Cope, Farmers State Bank was founded and led largely by local women until the Great Depression and Dust Bowl forced its closure...

Julia Greeley

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Julia Greeley (c. 1840–1918) was born into slavery in Missouri. Around 1880 she moved to Denver and became a Catholic. Despite being poor herself, Greeley spent the rest of her life doing good deeds for the impoverished. In 2016 the Catholic Church opened the Cause for Sainthood to determine...
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