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Winter Olympics

Billy Fiske

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Billy Fiske (1911–40) was a two-time Olympian who drove the US bobsled team to gold medals in the 1928 and 1932 Winter Olympics. A founder of Colorado’s ski industry , Fiske saw the potential for the state to rival the great winter resorts of Europe and helped lay the groundwork for Aspen to become...

Eddie Eagan

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Edward “Eddie” Patrick Francis Eagan (1897–1967) is the only person to have won gold medals in two different sports at the summer and winter Olympics. Born in Denver , Eagan attended Longmont High School and the University of Denver before going on to Yale, Harvard, and Oxford, where he earned his...

Howelsen Hill

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Carl Howelsen

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Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs is the oldest ski area in continuing use in Colorado and one of the few international ski jump competition sites in the United States. Built in 1915 by skiing pioneer Carl Howelsen (1877–1955) and the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club for the city’s second...
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