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William Bowman

Fairplay Hotel

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The Fairplay Hotel was designed in the Rustic style by architect William Bowman and completed in 1922. Located on the site of an earlier hotel at the prominent corner of Fifth and Main Streets, the Fairplay became the largest and oldest hotel in town, hosting club meetings and dinner dances as well...

Jackson County Courthouse

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Mosman Store

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Built in 1913, the three-story Jackson County Courthouse in Walden is the most important building in the county. Designed by the prominent early twentieth-century Denver architect William N. Bowman (1868–1944), the building continues to house most county functions today. Incorporated in...

Telephone Building

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Completed in 1929, the Telephone Building at 931 14th Street in Denver served for fifty-five years as the headquarters of Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph . Designed by architect William N. Bowman in a combination of Art Deco and Gothic Revival styles, the building helped bring modern...
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