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Hayman Fire

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Begun on June 8, 2002, after a US Forest Service employee started a fire at a campsite, the Hayman Fire is the fourth-largest wildfire in Colorado history. Across a wide swath of foothills between South Park and Colorado Springs , the fire burned nearly 138,000 acres—including 60,000 in just one...

High Park Fire

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Ignited by lightning in early June 2012, the High Park Fire became one of the largest and most destructive wildfires in Colorado history, burning 87,415 acres along the Cache la Poudre River in the mountains west of Fort Collins . By the time it was fully contained on June 30, the High Park Fire...

Last Chance Fire

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Last Chance, Colorado

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The Last Chance Fire started on June 25, 2012, when sparks from a motorist’s flat tire set the prairie ablaze near the town of Last Chance in eastern Colorado. The fire was 100 percent contained in nearly twenty-four hours, but in that time the wildfire scorched 45,000 acres and destroyed several...

Pine Gulch Fire

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The Pine Gulch Fire was ignited by a lightning strike on July 31, 2020, about eighteen miles north of Grand Junction in Garfield and Mesa Counties. Over the next month, the fire grew to encompass more than 139,000 acres, making it the third-largest wildfire in Colorado history. The Pine...

Waldo Canyon Fire

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On June 22, 2012, the Waldo Canyon Fire ignited northwest of Colorado Springs , perilously close to neighborhoods and businesses in one of the most populated areas on Colorado’s Front Range . Although local and federal agencies immediately converged on the blaze, hot, dry, and windy conditions...

Wildfire in Colorado

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Coloradans have coevolved with fire. From early indigenous people to Euro-American colonizers, to modern government agents, humans have influenced the direction of fire as much as fire has influenced the course of people. The fire-adapted landscapes we see in Colorado today, as well as the rash of...
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