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weld county


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Established on May 5, 1910, by a young entrepreneur named Oliver Toussaint Jackson , Dearfield was an agricultural colony for black people about twenty-five miles southeast of Greeley . For two decades nearly 700 black people worked to transform the rolling desert hills into a thriving farm...

Front Range

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The Front Range is a corridor of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding land stretching 200 miles from the Wyoming border on the north to the Arkansas River on the south. The western border of the Front Range consists of a collection of high mountain ranges, from the Medicine Bow and Laramie Mountains...


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Greeley is a growing community of 100,000 people along the Front Range in northeastern Colorado. Founded as an agricultural colony in 1870, the city has an economic, political, and cultural reach that extends far beyond its municipal borders. Greeley is the county seat of Weld County , one of the...

Ken Buck

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Ken Buck (1959–) is an attorney and politician from Weld County . He represents Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District in the US House of Representatives, an office he has held since 2015, winning reelection in 2016 and 2018. Since March 2019, Buck has served as head of Colorado’s Republican...

Nathan Meeker

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Nathan Cook Meeker (1817–1879) was an agriculturalist, newspaper editor, and Indian agent. He founded the Union Colony at present-day Greeley as well as the city’s oldest newspaper, the Greeley Tribune . In 1878 he was appointed Indian agent of the White River Agency in northwest Colorado. He was...

Oliver Toussaint Jackson

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Oliver Toussaint “O. T.” Jackson (1862–1948) was an entrepreneur and prominent member of black communities in Denver and Boulder during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In 1910 he founded Dearfield , an-all black agricultural settlement some twenty-five miles southeast of Greeley...

Painter Family

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The Painter was a prosperous ranching family in Colorado during the early 1900s. Even though ranching went into universal decline following a brutal winter in 1886, the Painter family remained successful due to equal parts luck, persistence, and scientific management of their cattle herds. They...

September 2013 Floods

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In September 2013, Colorado’s Front Range , from Fort Collins south to Colorado Springs , experienced some of the most dramatic and devastating flood s in state history. In the hardest-hit areas, the rainfall beginning September 9 and ending September 16 matched or exceeded annual averages. Across...

Weld County

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Weld County is the largest county in northeastern Colorado, covering 4,017 square miles of the Great Plains and the South Platte River valley. One of the original seventeen counties in the Colorado Territory , it is named for Louis Ledyard Weld, the first territorial secretary. The county is...
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