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Irrigation in Colorado

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The tension between aridity and irrigated agriculture has been a defining characteristic of Colorado for much of its modern history. On average, the state receives less than fifteen inches of annual precipitation, making it the seventh driest state in the country. To complicate matters, the...

Water Law

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Irrigation in Colorado

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Known collectively as “The Colorado Doctrine,” the state’s water laws arose primarily from the practice of farmers diverting water from streams through ditches onto irrigable land to grow food for homesteading families, miners, and growing towns. Territorial Law In 1861 the Colorado Territorial...

Water Resources Archive

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The only repository of its kind in the state, the Water Resources Archive at Colorado State University (CSU) focuses on preserving the documentation of Colorado’s water heritage. Issues and solutions surrounding water form a significant part of the semiarid state’s history. Colorado was the site of...
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