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washington county

Akron Public Library

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Located in the county seat of Washington County , the Akron Public Library occupies a one-story brick building constructed in 1931 at the corner of Main Avenue and East Third Street (302 Main Ave, Arkon, CO 80720). The building grew out of more than fifteen years of efforts by local women’s groups...

Last Chance Fire

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Last Chance, Colorado

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The Last Chance Fire started on June 25, 2012, when sparks from a motorist’s flat tire set the prairie ablaze near the town of Last Chance in eastern Colorado. The fire was 100 percent contained in nearly twenty-four hours, but in that time the wildfire scorched 45,000 acres and destroyed several...

Washington County

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Washington County, named for the first US president, is a county of 2,524 square miles on Colorado’s eastern Great Plains . It is bordered to the north by Logan County , to the east by Yuma County , to the south by Kit Carson and Lincoln Counties, and to the west by Arapahoe , Adams , and Morgan...
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