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Upper Arkansas Valley

Collegiate Peaks Stampede Rodeo Grounds

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The Collegiate Peaks Stampede Rodeo Grounds southwest of Buena Vista was built in 1940 using funds from the Works Progress Administration . The rodeo grew out of Buena Vista’s annual Head Lettuce Day celebration and gradually developed into a two-day event considered one of the top small-purse...

Hayden Ranch

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Located about ten miles south of Leadville in the Upper Arkansas Valley, Hayden Ranch was one of the most important early agricultural operations in Lake County . Owned by the Hayden family from 1872 to 1933, the ranch raised hay and cattle for sale in Leadville, Denver , and other markets...

Lake County War

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The Lake County War of 1874–75 grew out of a personal dispute over land and water rights in an area where increasing settlement was making both resources relatively scarce. The conflict ultimately turned into a test of law, justice, and state legitimacy in a frontier community. After Elijah Gibbs...

Rock Ledge Ranch (Buena Vista)

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Established in 1887 by Ernest Wilber, Rock Ledge Ranch is a historic ranch four miles west of Buena Vista in the Upper Arkansas Valley (17975 Co Rd 338, Buena Vista, CO 81211). Since 1908 the ranch has been owned and operated by multiple generations of the Franzel family, which immigrated to the...
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