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Tabor Opera House


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Leadville, 1950s

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At an elevation of 10,152 feet in the central Rocky Mountains , Leadville is the Lake County seat and the highest incorporated city in the United States. Gold first brought prospectors to the area in the early 1860s, but Leadville itself was not established until a silver boom in the late 1870s...

Tabor Grand Opera House

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The Tabor Grand Opera House, constructed by the state’s famed Tabor family, was one of the city’s primary cultural institutions during the late 1800s. The Grand Opera enjoyed a period of popularity and success before falling by the wayside, a story that paralleled the fate of the Tabor family...

Tabor Opera House

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The Tabor Opera House (308 Harrison Avenue, Leadville) was built by Horace Tabor in 1879 to bring high-class entertainment to the rough mining camp of Leadville . It was for a while one of the top theaters in the state. Horace Tabor had to sell the property during the Panic of 1893 . It later was...
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