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stone tools

Barger Gulch Site

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There are few places in western North America richer in Paleo-Indian archaeology than Middle Park , the valley that forms the headwaters of the Colorado River in Grand County . Within Middle Park, the Barger Gulch area preserves an impressive amount of evidence from early humans, with sites dating...

Prehistoric Stone Quarrying in Colorado

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From exquisitely flaked Folsom spear points to the spectacular cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park , among the most visible vestiges of Colorado’s Native American history are those crafted from naturally available rock. Archaeologists and others have documented nearly 1,000 places across...

Sand Wash Basin Tool Stone Sites

Added by yongli on 03/18/2020 - 22:34, last changed on 11/08/2022 - 11:40
Located northwest of Craig in Moffat County , the Sand Wash Basin is an area of Bridger Formation rock outcrops that prehistoric peoples mined extensively as a source for stones to make tools with. Bridger Formation chert is typically light to dark brown, though some of the chert in the basin is...

Shield Cave Archaeological Site

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Shield Cave is a large limestone cavern in Eagle County that contains painted rock art dating to the Historic period and deposits of the iron mineral pigment material used to make ochre-color paint. This site is one of hundreds of caverns that have developed in the Mississippian Period Leadville...

Trout Creek Archaeological Site

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Trout Creek in east Chaffee County is an extensive archaeological site exhibiting natural outcrops of colorful jaspers that were used for thousands of years as raw material for toolmaking by many different groups of Native Americans. It is one of the best-known toolstone sources not only in central...
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