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St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church

Auraria (West Denver)

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Now home to the tri-institutional campus of Metropolitan State University of Denver , University of Colorado–Denver , and Community College of Denver , the Auraria neighborhood has a long and rich history predating the founding of Denver itself. Auraria is bordered by the South Platte River to the...

Jules Jacques Benois Benedict

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Jacques Benedict (1879–1948), one of Colorado’s best-known and most-flamboyant architects, designed some of Colorado’s grandest Beaux Arts city homes and rustic mountain residences, as well as notable churches, libraries, schools, a town hall, shelters in Denver’s Mountain Parks , and a few...

St. Leo’s Catholic Church

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Between 1888 and 1965, St. Leo’s Catholic Church at Tenth Street and West Colfax Avenue in West Denver was the primary center of worship for Irish Catholics in the city. From the time it was built, St. Leo’s faced controversy over its role in enforcing the cultural and ethnic divisions of early...
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