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Cleora Cemetery

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Cleora Cemetery

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Cleora Cemetery is a historic four-and-a-half-acre burial ground located on a hill south of the Arkansas River about two miles southeast of downtown Salida . Originally associated with the short-lived town of Cleora, the cemetery received its first burials around 1880 and was the only cemetery in...

Colorado in World War I

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As Europe stumbled into war in late July and early August 1914, Coloradans viewed the conflict with mixed emotions. Some favored the English, French, Italians, Russians, and their allies. Others preferred the Germans and Austrians and their friends. The divisions were predictable. The 1910 federal...

Pedro-Botz House

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Built in 1904, the Pedro-Botz House is a log dwelling in the working-class community of Smeltertown, which developed near the Ohio and Colorado Smelter northwest of Salida . Occupied initially by the Hungarian Pedro family and later by the Yugoslavian Botz family, the house serves as a reminder of...

Salida Steam Plant

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The Salida steam plant was one of the first Edison electric plants in the country. Built in 1887 by the Salida Edison Electric Light Company, it operated until the 1950s. After 1989 the building was renovated and converted into a city-owned theater and event center. Bringing Electricity to Salida...
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