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Damon Runyon

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Damon Runyon (1880–1946) was a newspaperman, political reporter, author, screenwriter, and playwright in the early 1900s. Best known for his work after leaving Colorado, particularly Guys and Dolls , Runyon was a prolific writer during his time in Colorado, working for many of the state’s...


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Fourth & Main, c. 1900

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Longmont is a city of about 92,000 along the Front Range in eastern Boulder County . Named after the prominent Longs Peak to the west, the city was founded in 1871 by members of the Chicago-Colorado Colony , near the confluence of Left Hand and St. Vrain Creeks. After its founding,...

Wilbur Steele

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Albert Wilbur Steele (1862–1925) was an early twentieth-century artist and editorial cartoonist for Denver newspapers. The first American cartoonist to appear daily in a newspaper, Steele drew front-page cartoons that appeared above the fold in The Denver Post for nearly thirty years. Celebrated by...

William N. Byers

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William Newton Byers (1831–1903) founded the first newspaper in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain News (1859–2009) and was Denver ’s biggest booster during the city’s early days. Byers used his newspaper as a platform for his advocacy, as his knowledge of the territory allowed him to broker land deals...
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