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Walking Colorado: An Introduction to the Origins Section

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Hundreds of generations of Native American ancestors are represented in Colorado by scatters of artifacts along with the less portable evidence of shelter, the warmth of hearths, storage needs, and symbolic expression. We learn about them through archaeology and indigenous peoples’ oral traditions...

Fremont Culture

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Although it is on the eastern fringe of the area occupied by a people known to archaeology as the Fremont, Colorado is nevertheless important in the Fremont story, since clues to their origins and end are found there. Additionally, the presence of Fremont farmers had a profound influence on the...

Hackberry Springs

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A perennial spring in a dry section of southeastern Colorado, Hackberry Springs has seen continuous human use for up to 7,000 years. The spring was also the site of the Battle of Bloody Springs, the last documented skirmish between Plains Indians and the US military in southeastern Colorado. For...

Harris Archaeological Site

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The Harris Archaeological Site includes an Archaic period rockshelter first occupied at least 3,500 years ago, associated rock art , and a separate historic Ute campsite along a drainage on the eastern edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau . The site is named for Bill Harris, who discovered it in 1984,...

Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde National Park was established on June 29, 1906. It is the largest of the National Park Service parcels protecting cultural resources in Colorado, with nearly 5,000 documented sites, including about 600 cliff dwellings . A majority of the sites are associated with Ancestral Pueblo...

Shavano Valley Rock Art Site

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Located on the eastern edge of the Uncompahgre Plateau near Montrose , the Shavano Valley Rock Art Site is one of the most important concentrations of rock art in western Colorado. Used from at least 1000 BCE to 1900 CE by Archaic and Nuche (Ute) peoples, the site contains twenty-six panels of...

Trinchera Cave Archaeological District

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Located about forty miles east of Trinidad , the Trinchera Cave Archaeological District is known primarily for its large assortment of well-preserved perishable artifacts, such as basketry and sandals. With diverse occupations ranging from the Paleo-Indian period (before 6000 BCE) to the 1800s CE,...
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