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Robert Roeschlaub

Cheyenne County Jail

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Cheyenne County Jail

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Built in 1894, the Cheyenne County Jail represented the young county’s dedication to law and order and helped instill a sense of civic pride. It is the only surviving jail designed by the important early Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub . After a new jail opened in 1961, the Roeschlaub-...

East High School

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Built in 1925, East High School (1545 Detroit Street, Denver ) is a public school that exemplifies the City Beautiful Movement ’s dedication to placing schools in generous park-like settings and making them lessons in distinctive design. East is prominently situated south of City Park along the...

Robert S. Roeschlaub

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Robert Roeschlaub (1843–1923) was Colorado’s first officially licensed architect, working in Denver during the early settlement era. Roeschlaub played a central role in defining the city’s building code, which has affected the development of Denver’s built environment through the present. Today,...

Trinity United Methodist Church

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Amid the high-rises and parking lots of downtown Denver , Trinity United Methodist Church (1820 Broadway) is one of the few surviving churches. Since 1888 it has played a major role in the city’s religious, political, civic, cultural, and architectural history. The finest design of Colorado’s first...

Willowcroft Manor

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Willowcroft Manor was built in 1884 as the home of Littleton -area pioneer Joseph W. Bowles. Designed by early Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub , the two-story stone house was on Bowles’s property near the southwest corner of what is now West Bowles Avenue (which was named for Bowles) and...
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