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railroad depots

Broomfield Depot

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The Broomfield Depot was built in 1909 to serve the Colorado & Southern and Denver & Interurban Railroads . It is a rare surviving example of a combination passenger and freight depot that also served both steam railroad and electric interurban lines, and it is the only Denver &...

Grand Junction Depot

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Grand Junction Depot

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The Grand Junction Depot is a two-story Italian Renaissance railroad station built in 1906 to accommodate the city’s growing rail traffic. A downtown landmark, the building serves as a reminder of the important role that railroads—especially the Denver & Rio Grande (later the Denver & Rio...

Holly Santa Fe Depot (Town Hall)

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The Holly train depot opened in 1912, at the height of the eastern plains agricultural boom after the early twentieth-century introduction of sugar beets. For decades the depot linked farmers and consumers to the rest of the country by rail, allowing them to sell agricultural produce to distant...

Limon Railroad Depot

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The Limon Railroad Depot was built in 1910 on a triangular piece of land bounded by the intersection of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP) lines. The interchange made Limon , in Lincoln County , an important railroad hub, and the town’s depot...
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